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Forever 44….

Today would have been Greg’s 48th Birthday. Even though it’s been three years, it’s still weird saying that. I decided this year to emphasis Greg’s birthday instead of the day he died. It was sort of a passing decision since he really didn’t say anything about it one way or the other.  With all the possible negatives floating around, I wanted to make sure to start focusing on the good.

Interestingly, on the 5th, Kate picked up on the date and said something to me quietly. She simply said, “today is the day daddy went to heaven, right?” I said that is was and she left it at that. So a couple of days ago she started talking about Greg’s birthday. She made a few hints that it was coming soon and asked if we could celebrate. As usual, I assured her we would. Last night she asked if she could make the cake and send up a ballon. We had a birthday party after Greg died and sent up 45 balloons in his honor. I thought it was sweet of her to want to send a balloon again. She went away to her room and came out about an house later with a note to put in the balloon.

She had a sweet smile on her face as I read it. She was really happy with the message and I was too.  Needless to say it made me sad and super proud all at the same time.  Today both she and Garrett made the cake, she sent her balloon, and we all sat and ate chocolate cake with chocolate icing!!

We miss him but he would be so proud of his kiddies today.



Remember to enjoy the time you have with the ones you love 🙂



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