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There is an old adage that says: “the only thing in life you can count on are death and taxes”. I would argue that “change” should be in there as well.

I have never been one to look to far ahead. When I was younger I used to be really fascinated with people who knew what the wanted to do, set a path, and went for it. I would always think how can you KNOW what is going to happen 10 years from now? I can’t tell you what is going to happen in 20 minutes. What if you decide you don’t really like what you are doing, or school, or people or, or, or….. so many things.

Looking back I was right, change has been constant in my life. Forty seven (no comments please) years later, I am glad I wasn’t afraid of change. Change comes in so many ways. Natural change happens with growth and education. Elective change when we make life decisions out of growth and, hopefully, our education. Circumstances can dictate change by no fault or input of our own. Even people who spend a lot of energy trying to keep things the same, experience change as time passes around them. Change is ever present and unavoidable.

Interestingly, I was pretty adamant that losing Greg didn’t change me. Three and a half years later, I would now argue it didn’t change who I am although it did change the way I look at the world around me. Life is very complicated! At times life is really tough. Then come the times when life is really good. If you have experienced any difficulty it should allow you to really appreciate and see when it is good. It is those times we need to step off the wheel, take a breath and enjoy.

I believe we should be the sum of our experiences and make the best out of the hand we are dealt along with the choices we make. As I think about this next season, I tick back over the ones that have lead me here. A lot of different emotions come over me. It makes me smile with a touch of sadness and nostalgia as a chapter closes but mostly excitement for the future. Today, I am no longer a widow… I never thought saying that would catch me off guard but it does. I never minded being on my own. However, I now realize how much more I enjoy being a partner and being part of the “we”. And with that comes peace and happiness, comfort and hope.

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Well we are on our way to begin our Disney Cruise. Greg and I planned the cruise back in February sometime. At that moment I thought it would be good for the kids. As time has gone on, I realize it’s really a lot for me. The kids have adjusted well, better than me over these last few weeks and I really need to disconnect for a bit. We have just been going and going for such a long time. Even as much as we travelled last year there was still the presence of Greg’s cancer so we were never completely free. Today we have nothing to hold us back. Absolutely no schedule since we are not working around school or jobs. Silly thing it is a little weird. I am sure I will adjust.

I am really excited about the cruise. It is the only thing I could think of where the three of us could go and truly relax. I wasn’t sure I was going to get it together by myself. Greg always took care of the important stuff like tickets, packing and getting us to the airport. We made it on time thanks a to our other Foster driver. That is along with the other eight hundred thousand people flying out on a holiday weekend. So it took a while to get bags checked and through security. We did fine and even had time to go to the bathroom. So we are stopping to get some snacks before getting on the plane. It seemed like we had plenty of time. I almost thought we were at the wrong gate because there wasn’t anyone waiting. Then a voice said you made it!?! Ssa it turns out they were closing the doors and web slid in just in time. Ugh. So I did manage to get us all there. I will let you know if I missed a lot. on thing we won’t be short on is fun!!!!

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